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Cindy Campbell

Senior Business Consultant

Cindy was born and raised in Northern Ontario, and after completing her studies at Cambrian College and the University of Western Ontario, she commenced her career in business and private post-secondary education.  For 20 years, she served in several roles within the Corinthian Group of Colleges, promoting to the role of Vice President of Operations.   Her experience in Project Management, Financial Planning, and Talent Management, combined with her hands-on approach, result in her bringing a dedicated client focus to every project that she in involved with.

As part of the Commerce Management Group, Cindy contributes a strong business, operations and team building background.  Clients will benefit from years of experience of bringing people together, her focus on results through collaboration and her innovative problem solving.

Cindy serves on the Board of Directors for the Northern Ontario Angels, that is the largest private investment group in North America.  This provides an extensive and diverse network to draw expertise from.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Cindy enjoys curling and spending time with young people teaching and coaching them to curl.

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