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Who We Are

Unparalleled Insight in Northern Ontario

Commerce Management Group (CMG) is a Northern Ontario consulting firm with a diverse and dynamic winning team of dedicated professionals. Our people have the experience and knowledge required to carry your project from thought to profit with confidence.

Our strength is our ability to help organizations turn challenges into new opportunities in a fast-paced, dynamic business environment. We provide creative professional solutions based on solid values, comprehensive analysis, and effective strategic planning.

With our core team, we handle a wide range of challenging assignments, helping small and medium businesses adapt in a changing world, helping communities find creative long-lasting answers to difficult challenges, helping people and organizations turn their ideas into real, working solutions.

Complementing our core team, we have, through almost a decade of hard work, built and nurtured a strong network of professionals who we can call on for their special skills and knowledge.

We specialize in helping people and organizations take ideas and turn them into a real life experience through critical financial and market analysis, effective planning, and efficient implementation.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in the Forestry Sector and Wood Supply, Biomass and Green Energy, the Mineral Sector and Mining Supply, Industrial and Commercial Business Development, Municipal and Regional Economic Development and First Nations Economic Development.

All our professionals are registered both Federally and Provincially under the Lobbyists Registration Act to ensure that we are fully compliant with existing government regulations.

Our clients return because they trust that we will provide real working solutions.

Commerce Management Group’s services include: opportunity assessments, socio-economic analysis, operational and management reviews, asset management, financial planning, grant proposal writing, market research, risk assessment, impact reviews, strategic planning, government relations, and business development strategies.

Recently, Commerce Management Group retained the services of new talent with the purposes of penetrating the “Energy” market.  The Company wishes to penetrate the energy market by offering “Integrated Energy Solutions” to existing and new clients.  CMG will be building a team to strategize and execute “behind the meter” energy projects; and to explore and implement alternate forms of utilities and “green” energy.

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